About Us

Our consultant certified by CCIC and by Quebec Government and recognized as Oath Commissioner, counts over 13 years of experience in immigration services. Holder of Master in Economics, Finance & Banking from Saint-Joseph University, the consultant has build a solid experience in the Management and Finance world that has been invested to help investors and business people in their businesses and industries.

The other members of our team have different backgrounds; Administration, Accounting and Marketing. They are professionals, devoted and ready to guide you during all the phases of your settlement.

Routes Immigration Inc. is a team of well trained professionals having in-depth knowledge about Canadian Immigration Law with practical experience of dealing with immigration issues and devoted to the particular purpose of providing brilliant service to our clients. Our team of specially qualified professionals will help you to navigate Canada’s complex Immigration System in every aspect both inside and outside of Canada.

Routes Immigration Inc.
has been proud to serve the Canadian communities and everyone around the world in its immigration and citizenship needs for many years.

In today’s highly competitive environment, speed and efficiency of operations are a matter of competitive advantage. However, along with speed and efficiency, quality of work is also equally important.

As a professional firm, we take pleasure in working jointly with our customers as a team, taking pro-active steps to guarantee that all needs are met. We believe that regular communication between all parties involved is one of the most important facets of our teamwork method. This approach does help to reinforce the bonds of a customer relationship which can bring permanent expansion to all members of this team.

Our team works attentively to ensure that you, the Customer, are well informed as to the status of your case. Sincerity, Reliability, Hard Work, and a Full Devotion to our customers helps to build up the team. We do our best to firmly stick to these values.

Confident together, as a team, we can succeed and form bonds which will maintain continued development for all.