Foreign Student Authorization

More than 130,000 students come to study in Canada every year and even more come to learn English or French.

Generally to study in Canada, a foreign student may need a study permit, and/or a temporary resident visa. A study permit identifies the level of learning and length of time the individual may study in Canada.

Study Permit requirements:

  • Satisfy an officer that he/she will leave Canada at the end of the studies;
  • Have a letter of acceptance from an educational institution;
  • Prove that he/has money for the duration of the stay in Canada to pay for: ; 

• Tuition fees
• Living expenses
• Transportation costs to and from Canada

  • Be law-abiding and have no record of criminal activity; (provide a police certificate)
  • Produce any additional documents requested by the officer to establish the admissibility;
  • Not be a risk to the security of Canada;
  • Be in good health (complete a medical examination, if required).