Foreign Worker Authorization & LMO

Every year, over 150,000 foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily in jobs that help Canadian employers. Some temporary workers require a work permit and some do not. For some categories of workers, permits are approved more quickly. The requirements and processing times depend on the sort of work.

Whether you are the employer who wants to hire a foreign worker or a worker who has an offer of employment, Routes Immigration Inc. will help you with processing the application for the LMO and /or the application for the work permit.

For people outside Canada
We will direct the foreign worker step by step on how to go about presenting his/her application for a work permit.

We will assist the employer in getting the LMO and the worker in obtaining the visa and work permit. A professionally prepared application makes a very big difference when applying to embassies overseas. An LMO is no guarantee that the worker will get a visa to enter Canada. We carefully review the requirements of the Canadian embassy that handles applications from the worker's country of origin, and we make sure everything is presented according to those guidelines.

For people inside Canada
There are different types of foreign nationals that can request a work permit or a change in their current work permit.

1) Work Permit Holders
We can help people who have a work permit for one job and want to apply for a work permit for a different position that has been offered to them.

Also we can help to extend the work permit with the same employer (work permit extension or work permit renewal). A Labor Market Opinion (LMO) is required before applying for a work permit renewal with the same employer or with a new employer.

2) Students, visitors and in-Canada permanent resident applicants
People can apply from within Canada if:

  • They have a valid study permit,
  • The spouse/parents have a study or work permit
  • if they have a temporary resident permit that is valid for six months or more,
  • if they applied for permanent residence from inside Canada and have to pass certain stages in the main application process before being eligible for work.

Work Permit requirements:
In order to qualify for a work permit, a foreign worker must:
Prove that he/she will leave Canada at the end of the employment.
Show proof that he/she has enough money during the stay in Canada and plan to return home.
Be upstanding, law-abiding and has no record of criminal activity (a Police Certificate will be required).
Not be a danger to the security of Canada.
Be in acceptable health ( a medical examination maybe required)
Not have worked in Canada for one or more periods totaling four years after April 1, 2011 (with certain exceptions).
Be able to provide additional documents that may be requested by the officer to establish the admissibility.